1. What’s MoveTalk event?

It’s the online and offline event of the Move ecosystem. The purpose is to make Move-based blockchain such as Sui, Aptos, Starcoin, 0L, Pontem, … more popular and reach bigger communities and builders. The event is always open, free for everyone and managed by all Move’s builders

2. Who can join Movetalk event?

It’s open, anyone can join. For offline events, registration may be required because of the event space.

3. What’s the format of the online event?

MoveTalk will be streamed on social media sites such as Twitter and/or Youtube. The duration will be around 60 minutes. There will be 3-5 speakers from Move-based ecosystem sharing program on a specific topic.

4. What’s the format of the offline event?

The offline event can be general knowledge sharing, a workshop, a mini-hackathon, networking, etc.

5. It looks like the AMA, does it?

AMA is a small part of an online MoveTalk event and normally focuses on a specific project. Movetalk is bigger and it's for the whole Move ecosystem.

6. Who organizes the offline event?

Anyone or any organization in any country can organize the offline event in their local country. Events can be in China, America, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, etc.

7. How can I get support to organize the offline event?

If events are submitted to MoveTalk websites, they can be promoted to many other builders and communities. MoveTalk will help to connect with other partners, try to find help for technical stuff and connect with sponsors (if any).

8. Who is the owner of MoveTalk?

MoveTalk is the community event, Web3Lab, SuiGlobal and SuiTalk initiate the event and all builders and communities make it happen. So it would be fair to say that the owner of MoveTalk is all the Movers.

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